Back in 2007, I had just completed my undergraduate degree and I was two years into my first corporate job as an IT Administrator. One afternoon, as I was staring at the computer screen I felt a “brain cloud”–my mind was losing it’s sharpness. This sensation worsened over the coming months. The feeling of “pins and needles” took over my hands, feet, and mind and my sensitivity to hot and cold changed.

Over the course of  seven years, four neurologists and a neurologists could not offer a root cause, but they all agreed that I was suffering from neuropathy. This disease completely changed my life because it destroyed my self confidence–I wondered how long until my work would catch on, I became fearful of my ability to support my family.

My diet up until this point in my life was high carbs and my weight was hitting new all-time highs, so I decided to give Keto a try. It took three days for my body to transition to keto, and on day three i felt completely different. I felt great for the first time in ten years.