Keto for Life

#1: Change Your Mindset – Sugar is Poison

For me, I completed shifted my worldview to where I now consider sugar and alcohol as poisonous to my body. Consuming carbs is no longer an option that is even on the table for me.

#2: Have a Reason 

To stick with keto, you need an underlying motivation whether its weight loss, increased energy, or improved mental clarity.

My primary reason for sticking with keto is it reversed my neuropathy. The improved energy levels and increased mental clarity are also major perks.

#3: Your Family Must Support You

Before I adapted to a ketogenic lifestyle, I made sure that my wife and kids understood my rationale and that they supported me.  This is a big change for them too regardless of whether they go keto. My wife and kids do eat carbs, but signficiantly less than they did before. They will often eat a salad for lunch and they almost always eat the same keto friendly recipe that I enjoy for dinner.

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